Convert Your Clicks to Sales

Ten landing page tips to turn visitors into customers

1. Tell them why they should buy from your affiliate links

Clarity of your value proposition is the most important factor in determining

whether a customer buys from you or not. Ask yourself the question: Why should

the customer buy from this link?

2. Keep Them with you

Protect your landing pages from the #1 threat to conversions: site flow

disruption. After identifying a unique and compelling Value Proposition, you

must ensure that you express it throughout your sales process in a clear,

consistent and compelling way. Eliminate site flow disruption to help maximize


3. Dont try to say too much

Dont clutter your landing page with unnecessary details. Instead:

Clearly state your key message using as few words as possible

Use summary descriptions, sub-headings, bulleted lists and short paragraphs

Adopt a standard one-column format for easy reading.

4. Make it simple

Improve the user experience with a site that is easy to navigate. A simple page

layout that employs a clean visual and straightforward design is best. Heres


Design your site with a clear hierarchy with color and contrast for easily

legible text

Use meaningful and high-quality graphics (dont clutter with too many)

Use breadcrumbs to let visitors know where they are on your site

Employ a clickable logo that takes the visitor to your homepage

Use color to distinguish between visited and unvisited links.

Just as important, make sure you dont:

Employ horizontal scrolling

Direct links to new browser windows

Have flash-based content unless required.

5. Call them to action

Focus on one primary action per screen (dont stuff too many products onto one

screen). Make the call-to-action button clearly visible without having to

scroll; dont bury it under pages of information. Consider using tabs or a

pop-up box to consolidate information.

6. Get specific

Provide product details and a large product image while displaying

incentivessuch as warranty informationhigh on the page and close to the

product. Dont discourage visitors by requiring registration to your site.

7. Flaunt what youve got

What differentiates you from your competitors? If youve got it, flaunt it!

8. Search yourself

Make your site easy to navigate by helping potential customers find what they

are looking for as quickly and easily as possible. A search feature box should

be simple and visible with a type-in field, not a link. To help increase

conversions, make sure your search results link to product pages.

9. Rally the believers

Credibility is a true testament: people dont buy from websites, people buy from

people. Thus, testimonials from devout customerspersuades the unbelieving.

10. Let them make the choice

Why should I buy this specific product? Almost every e-tailer forgets about

this, but its the question thats key to Mr. or Ms. Customers mind. Prove to

him or her why they should buy this over the competitive product by offering

reviews, ratings and comparisons.


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