Tips On Writing Compelling Affiliate PPC Campaigns

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns are a fast, effective and quantifiable way to promote affiliate offers online. While traditional forms of advertising are expensive and unspecific, PPC ads are very affordable and reach only a targeted selection of consumers. You only pay for the ads that result in actual clicks. Because these ads reach out directly to those consumers likely to have the greatest interests in your offer, you will be more likely to generate link clicks and actual sales.

In order to make the most of what PPC advertising has to offer, you need to learn how to write compelling ads for your campaigns. While these ads are still a relatively affordable option for most affiliates, the rising costs and competitiveness of keywords makes quality writing more important than ever before. Following a few tried and true techniques can minimize waste and ensure the effectiveness of your affiliate PPC campaigns.

Choose the Right Keywords for Your PPC Campaign

Before you can begin writing PPC ads, you need to select the best keywords for your campaign. These are the keywords you will bid on at the outset of your campaign. In order to reach your target audience, you need to select the keywords that your prospective customers are actually using to search the Web.

So how do you know which keywords are right for your affiliate PPC campaigns? Research tools can help determine which terms are searched most often, the average cost-per-click of these keywords and how much competition there is for these particular terms. The following are just a few of the keyword research tools you should try:

-Google Adwords Tool

-Overture Keyword Selection Tool

-Digital Point Keyword Suggestion Tool


Consider the Benefits of Your Affiliate Offers

Once you've created a list of target keywords, start thinking about some of the positive benefits consumers can gain by purchasing the affiliate products and services you are promoting. What are the advantages of your affiliate offer? What does the consumer stand to gain? Touting these benefits in your affiliate ads is the best way to attract customers to click on your links and purchase your products.

Write PPC Text Ads

Now that you have list of target keywords and product benefits, write a rough draft of your affiliate PPC ad. At this stage, don't worry too much about length because you will shorten the ad considerably during the editing process. Instead, focus on showcasing your keyword and highlighting the advantages of your affiliate offer.

After you've completed the first draft of your ad, start narrowing the focus. Remove any unnecessary words and consider rephrasing the ad if necessary. Think about some of the following strategies when preparing the final draft of your ad:

-Utilize a Call to Action: Compelling ads motivate viewers to click the link and learn more. Encouraging your target audience to take immediate action is one of the best ways to add interest and appeal to your PPC ad.

-Set Yourself Apart: Take a look at some of your competitors' ads and think of ways that you can stand apart from other businesses. Consider how your offer is unique or special and emphasize these aspects in your ad.

-Use Strong Language: Use words that are clear and evoke powerful imagery. The more commanding your ad, the more likely users are to notice and click on your link.

Create Landing Pages

Writing compelling affiliate PPC campaigns involves more that just creating text ads. What will potential customers find once they click on your ad? Creating landing pages that clearly outline the details of your affiliate offer, inspire the reader to take action, and provide an immediate opportunity for the reader to make a purchase will dramatically increase the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns. Think of your landing pages as a one page sales letter; include any relevant information that a user might need to make an informed decision.

PPC campaigns are an excellent opportunity to expand your audience and generate new sales. Some of the most successful affiliate marketers use paid listing to sell affiliate offers, but it takes planning and skill to succeed in this increasingly competitive market. Learning how to writing compelling affiliate PPC campaigns can dramatically improve your affiliate sales and earnings, so start planning a paid advertising strategy today.

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