Drive PPC Traffic To Your Offers

Drive Pay Per Click Traffic To Your CPA Offers

In recent years, pay per click (PPC) advertising has accounted for the bulk of spending for search engine marketing.

More and more websites and business are utilizing PPC campaigns to drive traffic to their sites and increase their online exposure, but online merchants aren’t the only ones benefiting from this technique.

Affiliate merchants often utilize PPC advertising to lead readers to their affiliate links. By directing traffic to cost-per-action (CPA) or pay per sale offers, affiliates can significantly increase their clicks, sales and commission earnings. Often referred to as PPC arbitrage, this method can lead to big profits when used appropriately. Before you begin using paid search to promote affiliate offers, take the time to learn more about some of the basic PPC management techniques.

How to Use PPC to Promote CPA Offers

How can marketers use paid search to drive traffic to cost-per-action offers? Successful pay-per-click management involves choosing a CPA offer to promote, selecting targeted keywords, writing ads, and running a PPC campaign. In order to use this method effectively, it is important to choose your affiliate promotions wisely, select the best keywords possible, and learn how to write very effective PPC ads. The following tips can help you learn the skills you need for effective PPC management.

1. Choose Affiliate Programs Wisely

Before you can begin planning a campaign, you need to select the CPA offers that your want to promote. With literally thousands to choose from, finding one that is right for you can be a difficult choice. Always consider important factors such as how much the program pays for each lead and the general reputation of the merchant.

2. Utilize PPC Research Tools

Once you’ve chosen an offer to promote, you need to select they keywords that appeal to your target audience. These are the terms you will be bidding on for your PPC campaign, so you need to choose those that are highly targeted and within your budget.

3. Hone Your Copywriting Skills

The quality of your PPC ad will have a dramatic effect on both your click-through and conversion rates. Imagine that you are the target customer. What are you interested in? What words will grab your attention and motivate you to click on an ad? Create compelling titles that utilize targeted keywords and always write with the prospective customer in mind.

4. Create Relevant Landing Pages

Once a user has clicks on your PPC ad, it is your chance to offer your sales pitch. Create a specific landing page for each PPC campaign and write a simple yet effective one-page sales letter. Provide all relevant information such as product specifications and other details that allow a reader to make an informed decision. Then, include your affiliate links that allows the user to sign-up for the offer. For every lead you generate through your landing pages, you will earn a commission.

PPC Management Techniques and Tools

In order to successfully use paid traffic to direct clicks to CPA offers, you need to spend some time organizing your PPC management tools and techniques. There are a number of free and commercial resources available that allow affiliate managers to track costs, click-through rates and earnings. Programs such as Google AdWords include the ability to set daily spending limits, giving affiliates considerable control over their campaign management.

-Total Number of Clicks

-Number of Leads Generated

-Revenue Earned

-Expenses Incurred

A simple spreadsheet is one of the most important PPC management tools you can use, allowing you to efficiently track your clicks, conversions, costs, and profits. In order to successfully drive PPC traffic to your CPA offers, always strive to strike a reasonable balance between your expenses and revenue, eliminating ads that cannot consistently pay off in both clicks and leads.

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