SEO Techniques You Can Do Yourself

Website owners may be surprised by just how many tools there are available for improving SEO, or Seach Engine Optimization. There are keyword analyzers, link analyzers, page rank checkers, and more. Some of these are free and some are not. However, just checking up on page rank or keyword density only tells you part of the story. The real trick is how you use this information. SEO is a full-time job.

Really the top SEO tool you have is your keyboard. Content is the number one way to improve search engine rankings. If you can't tell an adjective from an adverb, there are a bevy if SEO companies that provide keyword-targeted content for websites. Being that it's recommended that you have dozens of pages of content for each topic or product covered by your business, writing SEO content may just be a matter of time rather than writing talent. Business owners don't have the hours needed to generate new content.

Hiring someone on staff is not always the best idea either as an in-house writer may already be spread thin with other responsibilities. If you're really serious about improving your search engine rankings, you need to attack the search engines with the same energy that you attack other forms of marketing. You wouldn't hand of marketing or graphic design to an unskilled employee, the same should go for your SEO plan.

Normally, if you hire an SEO firm, they'll work out the most relevant keywords to target in search engines. In the meantime, use a keyword density tool, as well as a keyword popularity tool, to see what would be the most effective use of keywords in content. If you do hire out an SEO firm, you should come prepared with your own game plan. It helps if you have some idea about what you want to achieve with new content.

Other things you can do is contact other website owners for a link exchange. Don't necessarily stop with sites in your industry. While relevant links may generate more sales, you're also looking to improve search engine rankings, and link exchanges are a major step in this process. However, don't just spam a bunch of site owners: tailor a link-trade request to each and every site owner. This is something you should be thinking about doing whenever you surf the web.

In addition, you should be checking the validity of links that you have placed in the past. Tools you can find online will tell you if a link you submitted to a directory, for example, is broken. You need to keep links updated in addition to adding new ones. Anytime you have the ability to add a link—in a forum, email, blog post, and so on, can help—the idea is to build up your search engine ranking one link at a time.

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SEO Techniques You Can Do Yourself

Website owners may be surprised by just how many tools there are available for improving SEO, or Sea...

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